Elizabeth Anne VanderPutten, Portrait

Elizabeth Anne VanderPutten

My White Sands

Play Time at White Sands

Sleigh Riding Down the Dunes

A popular activity at White Sands is sledding down dunes. 

Disc sleds, like the red one Elizabeth holds, can be rented for the day at the Visitors Center. 

Some people bring their own sleds. And many kids of all ages simply use cardboard boxes.


Un-slippery Sand

Unlike snow, sand is not slippery, so sledding is work, as Elizabeth discovered.

A bar of wax came with the rental sled. We used a lot of it.


Seeking a Steep Dune

One needs a steep slope in order for gravity take the work out of sledding. And that can be scary because of the sharp angle at the bottom where the dune slope meets the desert floor.