Rincon, Puerto Rico  2006

Vista Vacation Resort

Vista Resort

The Vista is located on Vista Nuclear Street in Punta Higuera on the north side of Rincon. It is more of a condominium than a resort, which is what we wanted. 

Resorts typically offer abundant services and activities while the Vista offers neither. What is does have however are fully equipped kitchens and dining facilities. It also has an ocean view pool, Jacuzzi, game room, BBQ, laundry room, and parking.

The Vista was for us an ideal place to turn off the world for a week.

Dipping pool at the Vista Resort in Rincon. El Faro lighthouse can be seen on the short

El Faro (light house) Park. Isla Desecheo can be seen 14 miles away

Splendid View

This is the view from our private balcony. The lighthouse, El Faro, is the center of a lovely park. 

The island in the distance is Isla Desecheo, which is a nature preserve and is 14 miles away.

Breakfast on the Balcony

Dining on our private balcony was really nice. The picture above shows my view.

We had breakfast here each day and lunch most days. In the evening, we tried different restaurants, using Fodor's and Lonely Planet as guides, supplemented by local recommendations.

We had a standard one bedroom suite, which had all the conveniences of home. The furnishings and appliances were ala Kmart, but perfectly adequate.

I am having breakfast on our terrace dining room. The dome can be seen the equivalent of two blocks away.

The unit has many amenities, including a DVD player

Unit View

At either end of the couch are lamps, which made it comfortable to read in the evening. 

We rarely watch TV while vacationing, and I don't think we watched anything this time. (The black corner of the TV and DVD player can be seen on the right of the picture.)

A nice feature was the light on the balcony, which was bright enough to read or do crossword puzzles at night, which Brian did.

The Neighborhood

Lawns are not widely cultivated outside towns in Puerto Rico. In general, undeveloped land in non-urban areas is allowed to grow whatever grows.

The result is that much of the land is covered with a deep growth of trees, shrubs, and vines.

This  picture taken from our entrance shows the neighborhood. On the hill are dozens of multi story condos and apartments. Unseen in the trees along the road are private homes.

Our Neighborhood. This gives a s ense of the neighborhood, built on hills above the ocean.