Rincon, Puerto Rico  2006


Our Second Visit to Puerto Rico

We liked Puerto Rico when we were there in 2002 (see A Trip to the Enchanted Island). That time we explored the northeastern coast, the mountains, and the southern coast (see the green roads on the map). This time we visited the northwest area, which we had missed earlier (see the blue road), and rented a condo in Rincon for a week.

Luck was with us at every step of the way, with the exception of route 2 when we took the wrong route 2 exiting the Autoexpreso (expressway).

Map of the Rincon Peninsula

Police Escort to Rincon

Rincon is located on the westernmost tip of Puerto Rico, between the city of Aquada on the north and the La Cadena (The Chain) mountains to the south. Rincon is both the town and the area of the peninsula west of route 115. Roads there are very narrow and winding.

Puerto Rico State Police CarIt was dusk when we reached Aquada. Unsure about the route, we asked a state police officer for directions. He read the address where we were going, sized us up, looked at our Trail Blazer SUV, pondered a moment, and told us to follow him. With his lights flashing most of the way to warn on coming traffic to pass with care, he escorted us right to our driveway on Calle Nuclear.

He stopped at our driveway, pointed in, and drove off without even waiting for us to thank him. Amazing!

Peaceful, uncrowded beaches

What I liked best about Rincon was its quiet, uncrowded beaches. Unlike the Long Island's beaches, Rincon's are almost empty. And unlike the miles-long beaches of Mexico's Cancun or Puerto Escondido or Baja, Rincon's are small, many not much more than a few hundred yards.

We spent the majority of our time at one or another of the beaches, walking, swimming, taking photographs, having drinks, dining, watching sunsets, or just watching small craft.

I took this picture at the south side of downtown Rincon.

Tres Palmas beach near The Steps
Elizabeth VanderPutten in  the pool at the Rincon of the Seas-Grand Caribbean Hotel

Other Activities

There are a lot of things to do in Rincon, some of which I mention later. One thing I did not mention is time we spent at the lovely Rincon of the Seas Grand Caribbean Hotel.

One day we were driving around looking for a place for lunch, and in frustration we asked a couple of guys working on a car. One  suggested a hotel, and instead of giving directions, got in his car and had us follow.

We came back to the Rincon of the Seas another day so I could go swimming, and later for drinks at their swim-up pool side bar.

Sunset from Indication Beach

I don't know if the sunsets in Rincon are always dramatic, but they were pretty spectacular every night we were there.

I took this on our way back from Tamboos where we had dinner. We were heading for El Faro's to take pictures of the last of the sun setting, but it went down faster than we'd expected. So I stopped for a moment and took this picture.

Rincon is a place for a quiet beach vacation. The city brags about having as many as 1,000 visitors during the busy season. Many hotels in big resorts elsewhere have that many guests by themselves. This makes for uncrowded beaches on a tropical island.


Sunset at Indication Beach, Rincon, January 2006