Rincon, Puerto Rico  2006


Playa Maria's Beach

Maria's Beach near El Faro lies at one end of a string of small beaches that circle the coast of Centro Puntas on Rincon's north. 

Maria's is often said to be one of Puerto Rico's four most beautiful sandy beaches. Others are Domes Beach and Jobos Beach in the Rincon/Aquadilla area, and Luquillo's Sandy Beach on the North Shore.

Maria's is especially popular with surfers because of its "Dogleg Break," its location, easy access and easy parking; and with patrons of the equally popular Calypso Cafe & Tropical Bar from which I took this picture.

Pools Beach

Pools Beach, sometime called Pools Harbor, is a pretty little cove. It is relatively wide as Puerto Rican beaches go, which is nice for sunning and picnicking. 

Pools is also a bit more protected than some beaches, which makes for better swimming and snorkeling.

Beyond the rocky point at the far end of the picture is Rincon's Sandy Beach. To the left of this picture is Domes Beach.

Pool's Beach, Rincone

Sandy Beach

Sandy Beach is the main beach in Rincon's Centro Puntas area. 

A number of restaurants, inns, cottages, bars, and beach and surfing related rental shops are located there.

Like the other beaches here, all were within a ten-minute drive from our condo. Most would be within a five-minute walk except the roads wind all around and the undergrowth prevents taking short cuts.

Domes Beach

One of the best known of Rincon's beaches is Domes Beach, named of course after the famous or infamous nuclear reactor, popularly called The Dome.

The Dome, a deactivated nuclear reactorDomes Beach is off El Faro's north end, and is known world wide for its surfing.

The easiest access to Domes Beach is from the north end of the El Faro Park, from which I took this picture.

Domes Beach

Rincon Baleario

Baleario is the public beach in downtown Rincon.

The town has build a small and very pretty park there with picnic facilities, changing room, lockers, and public parking. 

Baleario is probably the best swimming beach in the entire area. It is sheltered and wide, and slopes gently into the ocean, making it easy to wade out quit a way out. Understandably, it is quite popular with families.

Barrero Beach

South of Baleario Beach are several hotels, and marinas, as well as condos, boat rentals and related commercial establishments. Beaches here are defined by the hotel or condo for which they serve as waterfronts.

Below the hotel strip are a series of new, high rise condominiums, but no restaurants or bars, as we learned after two hours driving down dirt roads.

The beaches here, like Barrero Beach, are more difficult to get to and pretty empty when you get there.

Satelite map of the Rincon coast showing major beaches

Main Beaches

From north to south, the Rincon's most popular beaches are

  • Sandy Beach

  • Pools Beach

  • Domes Beach

  • Maria's Beach

  • Tres Palmas/Steps Beach

Click here for another map of Rincon beaches