Rincon, Puerto Rico

January 2006

Introduction  We rented a condo in Rincon, in the northwestern corner of Puerto Rico. As it turned out, just getting there was an unforgettable experience. We arrived with a police escort... Beaches Puerto Rico's beaches are mixed. Rincon has some of its best. They are, however, scattered and minute, often no more than 50 or 60 feet of sand between rocks. A few offer fine surfing, and most are uncrowded.
Vista Vacation Resort is a small, low-end condo with an upscale view. The two-building complex on Calle Vista Nuclear, sits on the side of a hill a short way from the old nuclear reactor, and overlooks the El Faro, which guards the Mona Passage strait. Isla Desecheo is the island on the horizon in this view from our terrace. (The tall white building is the El Faro lighthouse.). It is a U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service National Wildlife Refuge, and is uninhabited. The Wildlife Service has been working since 1986.to.. 
Decommissioned nuclear reactor, known locally as the Dome Vista Nuclear Street In 1964, the AEC built a small demonstration reactor just outside Rincon. Four years later they shut it down. We stayed on the street that carries the ironic name, Calle Vista Nuclear... El Faro is a restored lighthouse and the center of the lovely, ocean-side El Faro park. Popular with surfers, the park also has a maritime museum and a whale watching and dolphin-spotting platform
Dining out is always fun and often an adventure. Rincon was no exception. We didn't find any "great" restaurant or "great" meals, but we did find many places with "great" views, good service, and good meals... Activities Rincon is a small town and activities are a bit limited. Surfing, swimming, small boating, and beach picnicking are popular. For the adventurous there is hang gliding (as in this picture) and horseback riding, but no hiking..