Garden of the Gods 2010

One of the most photogenic city parks I've ever seen is the Garden of the Gods, an hour and a half south of Denver and on the edge of Colorado Springs. It was given its name in 1859 by a pair of surveyors, M. S. Beach and Rufus Cable, who were laying out the new town of Colorado Springs. Struck by the extraordinary rock formations, Beach suggested it would make a great place for a beer garden. Even more impressed, Cable opined that it would be suitable for the gods, and proclaimed it the "Garden of the Gods."

I was at a meeting in Denver in April, and stayed an extra day to do some sight seeing. I'd have liked to have gone up to the Rocky Mountain National Park, which is one of my favorite parks, but it was too early in the season, even for spring flowers, as the snow covered peaks below suggest..

As an alternative, I found a couple of colleagues, rented a car, and drove down to see the famed Garden of the Gods. Following are some of the more memorable formations.

The Garden of the Gods Entrance

Cathedral Valley

Cathedral Valley